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About us - the cause behind our work


The story of   is found in the hearts and passion of a group of Colombian women. They have the courage and faith to work for a better tomorrow.  

Colombia, a country with a rich history, is noted globally for coffee, emeralds, flowers and its struggles.  Often missed are the stories of people with a relentless will to fight for opportunity in an inopportune time. 

In the early 1990s a group of nuns were working in a bleak and poverty stricken area of Bogota.  The nuns, obedient to their vows, worked to help these families in their lives of struggle.  The cycle had to be broken.  The women needed values that would withstand the pressures of a harsh existence.

The loving nuns started small and taught pregnant women how to sew for their babies.  This small success was more than sewing clothing as it became a means to teach community, confidence, social responsibility, business skills, and, ultimately, a way to make a living.

With the support of a few mothers, the nuns founded “Creaciones Vivir” (Live Creations). The women are taught how to design, hand sew, and sell children's and babies' clothing.

Creaciones Vivir has made a significant and positive impact in the lives of the mothers and the families involved. 



in the USA:

My husband, Alejandro, was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia.  One of the founding nuns is his aunt. He grew up seeing the wonderful affect of this initiative on the lives of so many people.  Now, it is our honor to be part of this.  We live in North Carolina and are inspired and delighted to support this incredible group of women.  We are offering their unique creations under the name .

- Bonnie and Alejandro